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2012- a Year of Growth

WealthBank ‘s financial condition substantially improved for the year 2012 in comparison with the previous year 2011. Its total resources reached PHP 3.61 Billion, a growth of 53% ; its deposit base PHP 3.13 Billion , a growth of 60% ; its loan portfolio PHP 1.96 Billion ,a growth of 32% . Net Income had a moderate improvement of 4.2% at PHP 7.5 Million while total capital improved by 6.7%, reaching PHP 381 Million

With last year’s performance, WealthBank moved two notches higher in the hierarchy of the country’s Thrift banks to 22nd position from 24th in the previous year.

The impressive growth results were brought about by the bank’s successful execution of its business plans for 2012, which are part of its Five Year Strategic Plan.
EVERYDAY banking at the mall

For bank customers who need to visit the branch after the usual banking hours and on weekends, WealthBank opened several branches located within or near the Metro Supermarkets and Department Stores for SEVEN days a week (that is, up to Saturdays and Sundays), up to 8:00 in the evening . The bank’s EVERYDAY banking branches are: at Pacific Mall Mandaue, Cebu; Market!Market!, Taguig City; Marquee Mall, Angeles City; and Pacific Mall, Lucena City .

Additionally, some branches are open until SATURDAYS. These are: at Pacific Mall, Legazpi City, Colon Cebu City, Ramos Cebu City, Ilo-Ilo, Davao and Cagayan De Oro.
For a complete list of Wealthbank ’s sixteen (16) branches and their locations,
please click |Branches and ATM|
WealthBank POWERMAX for Individual/Single Proprietorship Accounts

Wealthbank launched what is terms as its “signature” product called WEATHBANK POWERMAX, with the tagline “ei8finite ways”. The product offers EIGHT ways to use and access the account and MORE (infinite) benefits for the individual customer or a single proprietorship.

The EIGHT (8) ways are as follows: THREE (3) ways to use account: Check book, Record Book and ATM card and FIVE (5) ways to access: Branch, ATM machine, Internet, Mobile and Point of Sale (POS).

Some of the Infinite Benefits are:
1) Personal Protection grant by the FREE personal accident insurance coverage equivalent to five times the ADB up to Two million pesos;
2) EASY Account Reconciliation since Check Number of issued check can be posted at the Record book day after the check was negotiated;
3) Earnings as the account is paid 0.25% interest per year;
4) Hassle free Inter-branch access since NO Fees are charged for any WealthBank inter-branch transaction.;
5) Pleasant and Memorable personalized service at any WealthBank branch;
6) Special holder to keep the Check book, Record book and ATM card conveniently;
7) ATM cash withdrawal limit increased to Php 50,000 per day for higher cash needs.

The Wealthbank Powermax materials are presented in orange and gold colour designs to symbolize the product’s superior features over similar “three –in-one” checking accounts in the market.
WealthBank POWERPLUS for Corporate Accounts

To distinguish the corporate accounts from the individual ones, WealthBank simultaneously launched WEALTHBANK POWERPLUS, with the tagline: “My Complete Business Tool”.

The product comes with a Check book, a Record book and an optional Monthly Statement of Account. Its appeal is brought about by EASY Account Reconciliation feature, whereby the issued check number can be posted the day after the check is negotiated. Like Powermax for individual accounts, WealthBank Powerplus also earns interest at 0.25% per year, will NOT be charged any fee for inter-branch transaction and a pleasant and memorable personalized service for the account holders.

Wealthbank Powerplus’ colour design is predominantly in blue to distinguish it from the Wealthbank Powermax account.
WealthBank's ATM Card for Wealthbank Powermax and myCash ATM accounts

Aside from doing Balance inquiry and/or Cash withdrawal at any ATM machine, WealthBank's ATM account holder can also perform Bills Payment, Funds transfers and Prepaid Reload for mobile phones.

The same ATM accountholder can simply stay at home or office with internet access and avail of the same facilities by logging on to BANCNET website ( and clicking the Wealthbank logo. Thus, Bills payment, Funds transfer, Prepaid reload and Balance inquiry can be conveniently done at the comfort of one’s home or office any time (24/7).

Access to the account can also be done through the mobile phone, after performing the enrolment procedure through

Ultimately, WealthBank ’s ATM card for WealthBank Powermax, myCash ATM and myCash ATM Payroll accounts can be used as a DEBIT card for purchases and dine in at establishments with Point of Sale (POS) machines.

With its multiple access points and increased variety of usage, WealthBank ’s ATM card provides a sure way for customer convenience and satisfaction.
FREE Personal Accident Insurance for ATM account holders

Any WealthBank ’s ATM cardholder enjoys FREE Personal Accident Insurance of Five (5) times the Average Deposit Balance (ADB) of the previous month, maximum of PHP Two Million.

These are the accounts with an ATM card: WealthBank POWERMAX, myCash ATM and myCash ATM Payroll.

The insurance coverage is provided by Chartis Philippines Insurance Inc through Platinum CRMI Insurance Brokers Inc. The insurance policy provides continuous coverage to WealthBank customers as the Group Personal Accident Insurance policy is automatically renewed by WealthBank once expired every year. For more details please go to Personal Banking.
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