Fast Processing Auto Loan

Complete and submit all the required documents and we promise one-day processing of your Auto Loan application.

Application Requirements
  • Auto loan application form
  • 2 pictures (2x2)
  • 2 valid I.D. (photocopy)
  • CTC or Cedula (latest)
  • Billing Statement
  • Marriage Certificate if married (photocopy)
Standard Requirements for Collateral
  • Certificate of Registration (photocopy)
  • LTO – Official Receipt (photocopy)
  • Stencil for Engine and Chassis Number (3 copies)
If Employed
  • Certificate of Employment (COE)/Employment Contract indicating salary, position & length of service
  • Payslips or allotment slip (last 3 mos.)
  • Latest ITR (except for OFW's)
If Self-Employed
  • Business Name (DTI and Business Permit or SEC Registration)
  • Articles of Incorporation & By-Laws w/ SEC Registration Certificate
  • Board Resolution
  • Mayor's Permit
  • Bank Statements (last 3 mos.)
  • Latest ITR w/ Financial Statements
  • Bank Statement (last 3 months)
  • Vouchers for Commission (for income derived from commission)
  • Rental/Lease Contract Agreements (for income derived from property rentals)